IFL Pen Friends Copyright © 2013 International Friendship League British Section People of all ages take a pen friend to learn about people in other countries, to try their hand at a foreign language or just for the pleasure of writing and receiving letters.   IFL Overseas Pen Friend Service If you would like a pen friend in another country, IFL Pen Friends will try to find you a personal pen friend in one of the countries you request, taking into account as far as possible your age group, gender, marital status, hobbies and interests. We do our best to match your age and interests with those of another person overseas. The first contact between you and your pen friend will be by normal post, but after that the method by which you correspond with your pen friend is decided by you. Your name and address will not be published nor offered to other pen friend organisations. When we find you a pen friend we will send you his/her name and address and other relevant information, and will advise your pen friend of your name and address.   We sometimes receive applications from persons who are seeking something other than simple friendship.  We are careful not to accept such applications.   It may not always be possible to find you a pen friend immediately especially if you are seeking a pen friend in a particular country.  There is a better chance of finding you a suitable link if you are willing to correspond with a penfriend anywhere in the world. You could, if you prefer, put  "anywhere in the world except ......"      It is also helpful if you are willing to correspond with a wide age range.  Of course, you are welcome to state your preferences and these will be taken into account.  Once you have applied your name can remain on our files for as long as you wish.  Your name can also stay on file after you have been linked with a pen friend in the hope of finding a second pen friend if you so wish.   When we have found you a suitable pen friend, you will be asked to send a cheque for £5 – or £3 if you are under 19.  Please do not send money until a link has been made.   To apply, print out the form and after filling it in send it to IFL Pen Friends, PO Box 1262, WOKING, GU22 2FG. If you are under 16, your form must be signed by a parent or adult guardian. Please click here for our print and post form.    (Adobe PDF documient) If you need to contact our Penfriend Service please click here: